ACES Status: Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation is a chapter of The National Alliance of African American Athletes (NAAAA). NAAAA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and serves as the fiscal agency for the Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation. Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation was created to provide enrichment programs for youth.

Our Vision: Implementing programs to help youth realize they have self worth and are capable of achieving their ambitions and dreams. We intend to strengthen children’s accountability, academic weaknesses, emotional and spiritual health and athleticism.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to support youth through emphasizing self Accountability, taking pride in our Community, striving for Educational excellence while promoting a healthy mind and body through Sports.

Our Goal: To encourage young men and women to take pride in their community, serving as mentors to the youth in an attempt to create a positive cycle. Our goal is that every youth will be inspired to obtain a higher education, pursue a career, maintain a strong family unit and then give back to their community.